Creating An Open World Game Engine

How Hillside Studio created an Open World Game Engine

When we started developing Kanna we knew early on we wanted to make something different. Something entirely unique but that keeps the elements of the games we love.

Kanna an Open World Game
Kanna is an rpg game with dozens of weapons, foods, armor options, and more!

Kanna Is Us…Gamers

We wanted Kanna at it’s heart to be an adventure game and an RPG. We started with the dream of a massive island sandbox.

To start things off, we needed the basics…

We started Creating an Open World Game Engine

A huge open world terrain with a stylish environment, wild animals, the ability to cook and build. And intricate quests that offer players choices in how to solve problems and approach other characters, and on and on…

So we did just that! We spent 2 years creating a custom game engine for Kanna with every mechanic and feature we could think of.

The team started using Unity as a small gamedev team with a ton of talent but little resources. We spent 2 years creating an open world game engine on top of Unity to power the world. The game engine powers everything from weather to the economy!

After setting to work creating the tools we would need to make Kanna an exciting living world. We wanted the characters of Kanna to be more than just quest givers and NPC bots.

Characters on Kanna needed personality. We built a very powerful tool to allow our writers to breath life into every NPC on Kanna.

Now we could give the characters in Kanna jobs, personalities, hobbies, friends, enemies, and so much more.

With this we knew we were ready…

We had the tools to create exactly the game we dreamed of. Hillside Studio’s brilliant writers began writing the episodic narrative. Now we are incredibly excited to see Kanna become a reality.

Are You Excited About Kanna?

The Hillside Studio team is super grateful to everyone that has been so supportive of Kanna and Hillside Studio. Without you none of this would possible!


Lead Engineer at Hillside Studio