Kanna’s Open World

As an indie game studio, our goal is to make Kanna one of the best open world games.

What Makes Kanna an Open World Game?  

While out living the life of an islander, remember that you’ll have the freedom to be and islander. Here are some of the features we’ve packed into Kanna: 

  • General Travel (Includes the running, climbing, swimming, rigamarole all good video games should have.) 
  • Cooking (make mom proud) 
  • Combat (with just about anything living, and some unloving things…) 
  • Mounts (saddle up, pony) 
  • Gliding (when you’re ready to soar) 
  • Foraging (for berries! And other things…) 
  • Crafting (you gotta choose your style. We might be an indie game like Zelda but we’re not giving you some stagnant tunic bs.) 
  • Character modification (at the start, and in-game, you’ll be able to mod your character by changing things like hair and such) 
  • Home Building (your home away from home) 

And a few other things! Our goal is that if you can think it, given the setting of the game, you should be able to try it out. 


If you want to frolic through fields of flowers or dead trees, go for it. Just remember, you have an energy wheel. Trying to triathlon your way across Kanna might end with you sinking to the bottom of the sea. 


Kanna offers you the chance to become the chef your childhood self always dreamed of.


Fight your way across a vast open world
Kanna features an extensive melee and magic combat system

Want to blast an orc with a magic spell, go for it.

Hit a boar with a sledgehammer? Swing away. 

Just remember, not everything on Kanna is your enemy, but it’s easy to make enemies after you’ve thrown the first punch. 

Riding Through The Open World

Mounts for exploring Kanna's Open World
A captivating open world game is what we want to give people.

We wanted more than just horses in Kanna and we were able to deliver a wide variety of animals to ride.


All those things you find while exploring the vast open world have a purpose. Whether it’s to make yourself some new armor, flavor a dish, or deepen your pockets at the market, nothing goes to waste!

Notes on Character Modification 

The local barber may just be your best friend. 

Don’t be afraid to go wild! The local barber can alter just about anything from hair color, length, style, and so on. And facial hair! Rock that handlebar mustache for a little while.

Building A Home in The Open World

Kanna is one of the open world games that offer an extensive town and home building system. 

This is your island now. Settle down, stay awhile. Make friends.  

Want more about the game, Kanna? 

You can find Kanna on Steam or follow us on Twitter for more details and updates!