Kanna The Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits . . .

Kanna is a narrative-driven fantasy adventure game where an ancient and dark magic has shaped the history of the island.

After a vicious storm, you wash up on Kanna as the survivor of a shipwreck. You will quickly learn that the island of Kanna is in danger and as the result of a powerful spell, no one is able to leave the island as long as the threat remains. Surrounded by a seemingly endless body of water, Kanna used its magic to pull boats and explorers to its lands in the hopes of finding a hero who will save it once and for all.

You are the hero of this story. Kanna has been waiting for you.


Watch Kanna change as the story unfolds and your hero’s story expands!


Open world RPG
Enjoy a 6.5 square mile open world

With 4.2K acres of terrain, 20 animals, 7 dragons, 10 main towns and other areas of interest, there are plenty of places to explore on this open world adventure. Discover hidden treasures, make animals your companions, and catch the beautiful sunset as the day turns to night.


Why not find a place to call your own? Buy a home and customize the interior with a variety of furniture.


crafting and cooking

Crafting and cooking are vital to your hero’s survival on Kanna! Craft special weapons, armor, potions, and cook your favorite meal. There’s nothing worse than fighting enemies on an empty stomach.


You will encounter many challenges during your journey. Be ready, because each chapter will provide new dungeons and puzzles for you to complete. Some require brute force and others require patience and planning. ALL will reward you for your efforts!