Episodic Narrative and the Chapters of Kanna

Releasing a game in chapters, or as an episodic narrative is a trend that’s gained popularity over the years. As a massive open world game, we thought it was the perfect decision for Kanna. To learn more about why to release a game in chapters and why we’re releasing Kanna in chapters, read on, Traveler!

Do Chapter Games Give You the Full Game?

On release Kanna will be a fully playable game packed with stuff to do!

A chapter game works like a series of books. When you buy the game, you’ll get the entire game, but more of the story comes as regular updates.

So, if you buy Kanna now, you will get all the future updates as well!

Kanna features a story that spans across chapters. Inside each chapter is a story of it’s own, making each chapter feel like a complete game in itself. Along with the main story there are side quests, puzzles, and mini games. Updates can incorporate feedback on the main mechanics like combat, home building and so on.

Why Release Kanna as an episodic narrative?

We wanted to pack as much into Kanna as we can. Releasing the main story in chapters allows us to release the massive sandbox that is Kanna and regularly deliver players more quests, characters, and challenges.

Kanna features an episodic narrative
Whether it’s reading a book, or exploring castles, Kanna has a lot to offer.

Want to Know More About Kanna and Game Dev?

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